Brimstone Hotel and Beyond in the Lake District

It is worth a little reminder about one of pioneering luxury Lake District hotels, the Brimstone Hotel.

Most visitors to the Lake District will have at some point either stayed or made use of the facilities on the Langdale Estate and it is on the Langdale Estate that the Brimstone Hotel was created and opened 4 years ago. This hotel has gone from strength to strength with guests returning year on year (sometimes more than once a year!) and critical acclaim by journalists from the UK and abroad.

If the Estate wasn’t unique enough, Brimstone firmly and well and truly confirms this. The excitement surrounding this brand new hotel has brought guests to the resort that may not have visited previously.

brimstone lake district hotel
The main reason for this post is to make readers aware of all that can be experienced when staying at Brimstone. It is not just a stand alone 5 star hotel but one that is full of character and offers flexibility, relaxation and the ability to do whatever you like, whenever you like.

Firstly the location in the heart of the Lake District where activities galore can be enjoyed. Next, the spa. A spa with swimming pool, gym, sauna and steam room as well as treatment rooms. Dining and beverages is where it gets even more exciting with the fabulous Stove Restaurant serving breakfast, snacks, drinks, cocktails, fine wines and dinner every day and Wainwright’s Inn, a traditional Lakeland inn just a 2 minute walk from Brimstone. And don’t forget, if the suite is too good to leave, there’s the Brimstone in room dining menus to choose from 24/7. Depending on what has been done during the day, the cuisine desired etc, guests are bound to enjoy a meal to suit them perfectly.

Brimstone Hotel is special in more ways than one and it is well worth experiencing if given the chance.


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